Taskmasters Tactical have a vast amount of experience, within this sector due to our expert team of climbers, be it in their hobbies or previous military experience within this environment we believe we have some of the best to offer.

We have the required knowledge to offer you the best solutions, in all types of weather terrains from desert/artic/or mountains surrounded by jungle/sea or artic, we have the best solution to hand.

As we are aware varying types of equipment maybe used for stealth, or speed in order to get to where you need to go without compromise.

Be it if you require high-end mountain, Arctic, or high-altitude training to accomplish their missions. Taskmasters offers a wide array of custom rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, cold weather, high altitude and high-angle rescue training options for government and military officials.

We would take pleasure in dealing with your specific requirements.


Taskmasters Tactical have expert instructors in order to advise on your specific requirement, we also have trading partners who are the best climbing manufacturers from around the globe, so they completely understand our daily request in how they can best fit into your environment without compromise to safety or your budget.

The Taskmasters Tactical team have a vast amount of mountaineering experience, climbing into high e-grades in the UK, summiting many difficult 4000m peaks and high altitude first ascents on three continents, up to 7300m. Uniquely, we also have extensive ‘military mountaineering’ experience in alpine and artic areas and can offer blended courses for those just entering this challenging performance domain. Our performance-coaches are available for bespoke development training.