Taskmasters Tactical have some of the best rescue personnel in the industry and have consulted and worked on some of the most complex rescue projects of modern times.

We run daily projects and training exercises, so refresh/analyse from day to day so our trainers and operators muscle memory is second to none.


Taskmasters Tactical have a vast amount of experience in global requirements, from remote wilderness to consulting/working with multi government agencies, for example in London in preparation for the Olympics in 2012, where we ran the high-level transportation rescue standby service for teams for 27 rescue/medic personnel on standby ready to move at short notice, for 7 days a week for three years.

To provide medical treatment and rescue for civilian person. We headed the command structure for Gold/Silver/Bronze and coordinated with all emergency service personnel. This included training drills with personnel onto land by angled descents with tension lines from the cable car cable to 4x4 vehicles and then rescues over the River Thames and onto moving vessels. This rescue standby service was for the potential initiation of rescue for up to 240 passengers at anyone time.

We also provide on going training programs for emergency services for fire and police and military personnel.

We also have rescue/medical teams of standby personnel to react to our clients every need, from high level tower cranes hundreds of meters in the air to confined spaces to the lowest points under the ground.

So, for consultancy or training and equipment, we have it all.